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Professional investigations and related services throghout Colorado

Why should I hire a Private Investigator?
An investigator provides information that was not previously known. Information is important when it comes to any form of civil or criminal proceeding. We are experienced investigators and fact finders. When you need to ascertain the facts and only the facts, we can help.

What information is required to begin a surveillance assignment?
Supply us with a physical description and/or photo of the subject; home and work addresses; vehicle information; time and place to start, plus the reason for the surveillance. We will find and document the facts and present it to you. If needed, we may testify in court on the findings on your behalf.

What is the cost to hire a Private Investigator?
Our rates are very reasonable however; the cost is directly related to the time the investigator has to invest in a case and/ or is dependent on the particular assignment. Usually most assignments like surveillance are billed hourly. Consultations and advice regarding your case are totally confidential and free of charge.

How quickly can you begin an investigation?
We prefer to have at least a 24-hour notice however; it is sometimes possible to begin a case within 1-3 hours. Weekends are the busiest times and therefore, would usually require extra advance notice. We would first need to collect all of your details and facts regarding the case and obtain any necessary forms before we can initialize the investigation. In addition, all investigations are to be Pre-Paid. Payment may be accepted on-line in various payment methods. Call us for details.

Is the investigation and information obtained totally legal?
We guarantee that all of the evidence or information obtained for any of our clients is totally confidential. Not even the Police authorities can obtain any of your acquired evidence or personal information with out our consent and your consent.

Is it legal to conduct surveillance, follow a person, or locate someone?
Yes, as long as it is for legitimate purposes you MAY hire a Private Investigator to gather facts and/or evidence, which you require. If needed, we may also testify in court on the findings or work together with your attorney.

What does your company do?
We offer a number of services to Attorneys, Insurance companies, Investigators, paralegals, process services and more. We work mostly with the above in and around the Denver metro area but also work with people through out all of Colorado, the USA and Internationally. We can arrange for services across the City, State, USA and Internationally. We have often been called upon to do the jobs others can’t or won’t do.

What is Process Serving?
Process Serving primarily consists of presenting the paperwork of a lawsuit to a defendant who has been named in that lawsuit. The initial documents pertaining to a lawsuit are not the only documents that might be served on an individual however. Other documents that might be served would be subpoenas, wage assignments, letters from attorneys, notice of an upcoming hearing etc.

How long does it take to serve an individual?
Service on an individual varies depending upon the circumstances. Most services are completed within one to two weeks maximum. There are instances where it can take longer, especially if the defendant is evading service.

How much does it cost?
Cost for service depends upon the location of the service required, how many defendants and how many locations you would want service attempted at. Colorado PI bases all charges for each service on time and mileage. We also offer volume discount rates.

How many attempts will you make to serve an individual?
We will make as many attempts as are necessary to accomplish this: Most of the time service can be and is done on the first attempt. On a few occasions it is done in the first 3 attempts. We seek the following for you.

  1. Fast Effect service
  2. Determine it is a bad address; or
  3. Upon request of our client to stop working the paper and return the documents.

Where do you serve papers?
Colorado PI currently serves documents through out Denver Colorado metro area, all of Colorado and can help you through out the continental United States and world wide.


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